Accelerating the world's transition to a better planet

Community driven, eco friendly and secure communication, free for everyone


The Wevive community has saved the equivalent CO2 emissions of over 10524 30 minute car trips to work

We Will Never Steal Your Data Unlike You Know Who

We have had enough of the shady tactics from social media companies.

Say goodbye to big tech surveillance and hello to a transparent social network that you can trust.

What Makes Us Diffrerent?

Wevive keeps your data safe and would never steal it from you.


Connect with people around the world with group chats up 1000 users.

Carbon Neutral

Use our app guilt-free knowing that you aren't harming the environment.

Community Driven

Harness the power of the community by voting on new app features.


Connect with confidence with end-2-end encryption.


By using our app you're supporting charities and events around the world.


Wevive's user interface is designed to be intuitive, making it easy to use.


Experience crystal-clear calls, and connect with up to 100 users at once.


No tracking, no worries. We don't track our users and never will.

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A Better World Starts With You

Our mission is to accelerate the world's transition to a better planet. Bringing a positive change to technology and our communities is ambitious, but it is through collaboration and collective action that this can be achieved.

We offer innovative platforms, deployed at-scale whilst partnering with communities around the world. Our carbon neutral communication app connects people without negatively impacting the environment as well as the users' privacy and data.

Our Global Perspective Begins With Local Stories

We all need inspiration from time to time, as it helps us see new possibilities in ourselves and the world. We believe the best inspiration comes from us acknowledging our positive actions, however small, and sharing it with each other. So share your story with us, inspire others and be part of a positive change!